Buying a property in Switzerland.

Whether one is a Swiss citizen or a European Union citizen with a work permit, buying a property in Switzerland is possible.

If you want to concretize your dream and find your nest then, here is all that is worth knowing.

Evaluate your financing capacity:

Generally, it is established on the accumulation of capital and third party funds.

The capital must represent 20%, 10% can come from your LPP, + 5% purchasing fee.

Your personal assets will be around 20% of the property value plus 5% of purchase costs while the remaining 80% will often be financed by mortgages.

Calculate your debt levels

Take the sum of all monthly expenses related to your home and confront it. If these charges exceed 33% of your gross income, obtaining a mortgage may not turn out to be an easy task.

All these expenses include 5% of theoretical mortgage interest + depreciation and maintenance costs.

Do not wait and access the mortgage simulator on the website. You will see if you can afford now your own accommodation. All it asks is for you to enter the amount of your capital and your annual gross income to know the answer

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