To whom you should entrust the sale of your property?

Your thoughtful decision is now taken, you will sell!

The bravest will decide to go with it alone and find a buyer directly, but often lack of time and energy will make people to consider a real estate agent.

Today there are many players in the real estate market so we can quickly be confused and not know which way to go. We recommend you initially stop your choice on one or two agents. The huge number of agents dealing with your property sale is not necessarily a guarantee of quality and can prove to be a real waste of time.

Wherever possible, aim your selection to local realtors. Nothing is better than an expert of the area having a sharpened understanding of the environment to support your sale. However you will need to be careful not to succumb to temptation by going to the highest bidder because sometimes it is only flattery, especially when the proposed price exceeds 15% of the market.

The meetings with the agent will often be decisive and will help you choose the agent with which the current flows best. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about the agency full information. Sales referrals assess the seriousness of the agent seriousness for its ability to assess the well, to explain how to form a price or what characteristics are sought by a buyer... If the answers are substantiated and show a genuine experience then go for it!

There is no better agent but someone who is fit to sale of your property and your personality.

Good luck

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