By yourself or with a professional by your side?

In the current real estate market, we regularly meet prospective buyers who, at the beginning of their process, "played" with a simulator by putting a few figures (equity, income, purchase price, etc.) Believed they could get started to buy a property only by finding a small ad on the internet.

And finally, it's not so complicated 20% of equity, charges / income 33%.... But, what can we put in the equity, and what is counted in the income. If I have a lease or a small credit, what is the impact? And if I go alone to my bank and I get a no as an answer?

We always encourage the use of specialists, to find the property that suits you, to assist you in establishing your purchasing capacity, in finding financing solutions, in confirming the value of the property, for the signature of the various legal documents at the notary and this are only a few of the most common situations.

It could also be mentioned that, depending on the situation of the buyer (s), the advice on taxes, matrimonial situation and inheritance laws should be taken in consideration even if is a charged one. In all the above mentioned cases, is the specialized adviser who intervenes and provide expert advice. BEFORE entering into the conclusion of the various contracts (purchase, financing, providence ...) and start the investment, contact a real estate broker or to begin your steps with complete serenity and be truly accompanied.

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